Meet the Moms

Who are we and who do we think we are, having time to blog?

My name is Tiffany. I am married to Dreamy. We have two children, Princess Slim, seven, and Señor Lunchbox, three. I am originally from a tiny town in Illinois but have lived in and around Washington, DC for more years than I care to count.  I work full-time outside the home.

Not surprisingly, my introverted self struggles mightily with working, commuting, and child-raising. Not to mention being a wifefriendauntcousinsisterdaughter. The old saying about being ‘spread thin’ sums up how I feel every. single. day.

Thus my purposes for blogging are twofold. First, to build a community of similarly-situated introverted moms facing these kinds of challenges who can not only commiserate but share coping strategies as well, ‘cuz sometimes I’m not so good with the coping. Second, to try and reclaim some of the creativity I had before the responsibilities of being a full-time everything hit. Plus, true to my introverted self, I prefer writing about things rather than discussing them in person. Unless you are my therapist, to whom I pay a shit ton of money for the privilege of listening to me babble.

Fair warning: I swear a lot. If you are sensitive to that you might want to stick to Kathy’s posts. I also like Jay-Z, all things British, and making labels.

KathyI’m Kathy, and I do too curse, but only if I’m really mad at you. Or tired. Or if I haven’t been getting enough downtime.

I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life, currently with my husband (iDad) and our seven-year-old daughter (Doodlebug). For the past ten years I’ve done some variation of working from home – first as a writer, then as a mom, and now as a mom struggling to find a good balance between writing time and family time.

You know Hermione, from the Harry Potter books? When in doubt, go the library? That’s me, too – but nothing I read in all those parenting books prepared me for the collision between my introverted personality and the intense experience of being responsible for a whole other person. Someone should be writing about this, I told Tiffany. Maybe we should be writing about this. So here we are.

P.S. Do you like Nutella? Okay, good. I think we’re all going to get along just fine.

12 thoughts on “Meet the Moms

  1. Karen

    Brilliant. Hooray for a “quiet space” for introverted moms- !!! I’ll be reading avidly. all. by. my. self. ahhhhhhh! 😉

  2. Meghan

    I just stumbled onto this blog via “Introverted Mom” Google search. I think we are twins separated at birth – and if I could write! I just finished reading Susan Cain’s Quiet book and it has been a real eye opener for me. I am a stay at home mom and introvert and am married to a fellow introvert, and have at least 1 (and likely) 2 introverted children. I finally understand why I am hitting the wall now that my children are older (almost 9 and just turned 6) and we are running around to school activities, extracurricular activities, playdates and birthday parties and I am doing a bit of volunteering now that they are both in school all day. Thank you so much – it is so good to know I am not the only one out there who has issues with Costco and is already stressed out about summer vacation! Keep the posts coming!

    1. Avatar photoKathy Post author

      Hi Meghan, welcome. I absolutely agree about all the running around — I feel like the calendar has exploded now that spring is here. I’m glad you found us!

  3. Mary

    Thank you, ladies, for this blog! You give words to so many of my thoughts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Laura

    I’m going to “ditto” everything that Meghan said (so make that triplets), except my kids are only 3 and 1. So I’ve got a long road ahead. (Does it get easier?) Thank you for the blog; I’ll be following along.

    1. Avatar photoKathy Post author

      Hi Laura, glad you found us! I definitely think some things are easier with older kids — my daughter is almost nine now and SHE needs alone time sometimes, so that’s a huge difference! But I do think we’re entering the overwhelmed-by-activities phase that Meghan was mentioning above. So I guess it’s like everything else with parenting, as soon as you get one situation figured out, things change on you. 😉

  5. Jaclyn

    I am not a mom yet, but as a full-fledged introvert, I already have some worries about how I am going to be to handle the demands of motherhood AND maintain my mental health. Work + “wifefriendauntcousinsisterdaughter” responsibilities already drain me dry. Those who are not introverts simply don’t understand how draining it is to be engaging interpersonally 24/7. Add parenting on top of that, and I might as well just up the Zoloft now.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your insights and struggles about being an introverted woman in an extroverted man’s world. And thank you for swearing. It makes you both relatable and proves your authenticity 🙂

    1. Avatar photoKathy Post author

      Glad you found us, Jaclyn! I honestly didn’t realize until after my daughter was born that being an introvert might make certain parts of parenting challenging. So it sounds to me like you’re ahead of the game, and that can only help. 🙂


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