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Home Alone

KathyAs Mother’s Day approaches, I’m reminded that one of my favorite gifts is the gift of time. Time alone, specifically—and while any kind of alone time is welcome, being alone at home is especially delicious. The only problem is getting rid of everyone else . . . Here are some of my favorite kinds of being home alone. What are yours? Tell me in the comments so I (or iDad!) can steal your ideas.


First day of school

Unexpected playdate offer for Doodlebug while iDad is out doing errands

iDad takes Doodlebug to the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party and I don’t have to go

Everyone else is playing outside/doing yardwork, but I stay inside and bake something

Lunch Bunch day at preschool (Aww, I miss Lunch Bunch!)

iDad picks Doodlebug up from school because I’ve been running around all day and just can’t

I come home and discover that everyone else has gone out

First day of school after winter break

iDad drops Doodlebug off at a playdate and then puts gas in the car

Someone else’s turn to drive the carpool!

iDad is out of town and my parents invite Doodlebug for a sleepover

Everyone else goes camping without me (This has in fact been my Mother’s Day present at least once.)

iDad’s turn for dentist duty

First day of school after spring break

Everyone else goes to the pool but I stay home to read in air-conditioned comfort

I wake up and discover that everyone has gone out (Okay fine, this has never happened to me. But I can hope!)

— Kathy