Summer by the Book

KathyThe story of my summer usually goes something like this: trying to balance fun, carefree family time and productive writing time. I’m planning to use some of the same strategies as last year – tag-teaming with iDad, grandparent help, a couple weeks of camp – but I also want to be sure I get to spend time with Doodlebug doing stuff we both like. Who knows how many summers we have left before she wants nothing to do with us? She’s already started reminding us that she’s practically a tween. (What? I mean, she’s right, but . . . what?!)

So, inspired by the snow day writing labs we made up this winter, I asked Doodlebug if we could do our own reading and writing week this summer. And she said YES! Of course my planning brain immediately went into overdrive, but then my introvert side kicked in and reminded me that I don’t need to schedule us to death. So maybe we will get to do all of these things, or maybe just a few. But here are my ideas so far:

  • A shopping trip for new notebooks/cool drawing supplies
  • Visiting the library to pick up a summer reading log
  • Scrabble (sneaky vocab time)
  • Writing a story together – we’ve done this before, where we trade the notebook back and forth every few sentences. It’s fun to see where we end up!
  • A trip to the used book store
  • Making food from books – I’m thinking of things like these Harry Potter-inspired pumpkin pasties or just something simple like bread and jam for a snack (like Frances!). Hmm, we’ve never made our own jam . . .
  • Reading time, of course
  • And writing lab, where Doodlebug works on a story while I work on a story of my own!

I’m sure iDad and Doodlebug will also hang out at the pool, so between that and the writing lab time I think I should be able to get some good work done AND have fun with my sweet girl. This is her last week of school and then we’re going to jump right into it, and I’m actually excited. About summer! Who’d have thunk it?

If you have any other ideas for wordy fun, please share. I’ll let you know how it goes!

— Kathy

6 thoughts on “Summer by the Book

  1. Sarah

    Have you ever heard of a book club for kids? I was going to book club tonight and my almost-5-year old wanted to come along. He doesn’t realize how boring that would be for him, but we talked about inviting a few neighborhood families to read a chapter book aloud with their kids, and then get everyone together for a playdate and short book chat. I wonder if anyone has tried it.

    1. Avatar photoKathy Post author

      Our library system has some book groups for kids, although we’ve never tried one. Maybe some bookstores might, too? But I think it’s a great idea to make your own! It’s funny, I have a writing group and Doodlebug always wants to go with me, too. I think she knows we have snacks! 😉

  2. Kristin J.

    One thing I liked to do when I was a kid (and ok, even older) was make my own books. By the time I got close to junior high, I was taking my favorite poems and making short little art project “books” out of them. A verse or two would get their own page, and I would cut out letters, words, and fitting images from magazines (or make my own image from scraps of color) to make a collage. You end up having to really analyze and spend a lot of time thinking about each line and word, interpret it, and think of different ways to convey the feelings and ideas into something tangible on the page. It’s a lot of fun and really an amazing thing to behold when you’re done. 🙂

  3. Leah

    Love this post and your ideas. I too am an introverted mom with a very extroverted daughter. Luckily she also loves to read, books and writing. So I will definitely use your ideas.


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